The SANDRA Election Process

If you are curious about the SANDRA election process, please refer to the SANDRA by-laws.  Questions about our election process should be directed to our club president.

Board of Directors - 2017
President Ed Felter, AI6O  send email
Vice President Stogie Panger, AJ6AX  --
Secretary John Austin, K6RLV  --
Treasurer Ken Decker, WA6OSB  send email
Membership Chair Bob Boehme, W2IRI  send email
Meeting Chair Ben Concepcion, N6VVY  --
One Year Member-at-Large Bayard Rehkopf, K6GAO  --
Two Year Member-at-Large Chuck Wood, WD6APP  --
Three Year Member-at-Large Ed Flinn, WA6YVX  --


Repeater and Club License Trustees
Mt. Otay & Mt. Laguna repeaters Ed Flinn, WA6YVX
Lyon's Peak repeater Vance Belliston, W6SS
Sharp Hospital repeater Larry Cox, WA6AIL
Hi-Pass repeater Bayard Rehkopf, K6GAO
Kearny Mesa repeater Tom Caudle, KC6NXZ
Primary Club Call Sign WB6WLV Trustee Ed Flinn, WA6YVX
Special Event Call Sign W6GIC Trustee Tom Myrick, N6JOJ
Committee Chairs, Advisory Directors and Appointed Officials
Site Manager & Tech Committee Chair John Austin, K6RLV   send email
Past President John Austin, K6RLV
Editor "Squelch Tales" Herb Radisch, KF6ROX | submit article
Election Committee Chair Three Year Member-at-Large
Postmaster "Squelch Tales" Ben Concepcion, N6VVY
SANDARC Delegate 1 of 2 Chuck Wood, WD6APP
SANDARC Delegate 2 of 2 Barbie Flinn, WA6URS
SANDARC Alternate 1 of 2 John Austin, K6RLV
SANDARC Alternate 2 of 2 Alex Groza, WB6DTR
ARRL Liaison Bruce Krypton, KG6IYN
Net Manager, Mt. Otay Tom Myrick, N6JOJ
Net Manager, Mt. Laguna Bayard Rehkoph, K6GAO
Domain Manager Stogie Panger, AJ6AX
Webmaster & I.T. Stogie Panger, AJ6AX   send email
Club Historian Jason Lansky, NF6E

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